2012 The Year of the Jampaw

January 18th, 2012

Consider this a belated Happy New Year from Jampaw. It’s been a busy and hectic time for us over the last few months and so the late running of this blog continues. I know how some of you had set your watches by the first few.

So you may remember we ran a competition last year, the winner of which was Leah Hackett (Twitter – @LeahHackett). Leah received her prize, no thanks to Royal Mail; it honestly would’ve been cheaper and less effort for me to have walked from London to Manchester to hand-deliver it. She messaged me as soon as it arrived and after unpacking the entire ‘exclusive – one off’ Jampaw branded merchandise and premium beauty products; she decided that the Strawberry Laces (I’d chucked in for a laugh) was the best prize ever. Enjoy Leah!

We suffered from a bit of writers’ block which has suddenly eased off and has seen us finish a new song ‘Lift your eyes’ (see below) as well as starting and finishing writing 5 more. The new album is so close to being complete we can almost taste it.

Jampaw – Lift Your Eyes by Jampaw

Gemma and the Band

We have also been lucky enough to record a duet with our good friend, Gemma Sampson of the XFactor (among others) fame. Gemma got as far as going to the judges houses and was flown to Simon Cowell’s Miami home. A couple of years later she returned with girl band Miss Fitz, unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Cowell’s loss is most certainly our gain.

During our writing break we were booked to perform at a new restaurant in Marlow, Bucks. It was a bizarre evening, our music doesn’t tend to be conducive to an evening’s dining ambience, and so we toned it down somewhat and played acoustically, with a Guitar and Piano accompanying vocals. We did a mixture of our own and some well known classics. It was interesting to see how our songs like ‘Walk with me’ sat amongst classics like ‘Wonderful Tonight’ and ‘Three Times a Lady’. It was a fun evening, and we got quite a few people to come along and support us which are always great to see.

We’ve also been getting our teeth into a few small private gigs which have been fun. Notably a low key 21st birthday party in Buckinghamshire which turned into a real Sunday night rave up, in which the father of the birthday girl took to the mic to regale the crowd with a rendition of Johnny B. Goode. Top night and we hope Justine had a good time; we certainly did, even if you did make us feel old!

Charlotte and Jon

So we’ve been on a bit of a ‘new friend drive’ and have found it’s amazing who you meet through things like Twitter and Facebook. One particular new friend of the band, and hugely talented Singer/songwriter Charlotte O’Connor – www.charlotteoconnor.com (Twitter – @CharlotteOC) held a small showcase gig on the first date of her European tour where she previewed her debut album ‘For Kenny’. It was a great night and she blew the roof off of the venue, lets hope she stays in touch as she hits the big time; she’s definitely one to watch.

Also towards the end of last year, our friend Mark Henderson (twitter – @MarkIHenderson) went into the Big Brother house and spent 26 days entertaining the nation before it got too much and he decided to get out. He spent some time presenting on Channel 5 for Big Brother’s Bit on the Side and we’re going to try and help him write and produce a single the idea for which came to him while in the Big Brother house, the title will be called ‘Willy, Willy, Willy’.

Continuing the theme of new friends and hot talent, we have been scouring London in search of inspiration and come across a few talented artists that need mentioning. We feel we should mention them now so we look all cool and hip that we were listening to them before they were famous and went all mainstream maaaaan!! You can find links to their twitter feeds and a bit of blurb below, all are well worth checking out.

Now we’ve got all the Xmas and New Year festivities out of the way and we’re back on the drive to complete this album. Our first album ‘The Creation’ (is still available on iTunes) only took us about 9 months to write, so far the new effort has taken about 18months to write, which, if my maths serves me is twice as long as the first which will mean that ‘Stop, Rewind, Paws’ will be twice as good… does that work?… yeah.

We have actually made the tracks which are ‘finished’ available for free download, and have been adding them as we go along. We thought this’d be a good idea as it has allowed us to get feedback on what people think. What this does mean, however, is that these tracks are not the finished article. We will be doing a proper launch of all the tracks as soon as they are polished and perfect, so keep your ear to the ground.

The best way to keep up to date is by subscribing to the newsletter or better still adding us on Facebook or following Jon on Twitter – @Jampaw1, essentially it’s the ramblings of a lunatic but occasionally he says something relevant.

Again, we say it all the time, but thank you so much for your continued support. We really appreciate it! We’ll try and make sure that this blog is a little more regular, but you know what it’s like, we all have proper jobs too. Lol!

Sending you actual love and pieces of rainbow!

Jon, Joe and Matt


Artists to check out

@KalLavelle – haunting vocals, melodic folk

@ryankeen – guitarist extraordinaire – folk

@MikillPane – lyrical genius – alternative hip-hop